26 July 2016 AEST
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SignPost Team

Andy Carmichael
Andy Carmichael
Andy Carmichael was instrumental in the establishment of Signpost, bringing together the production team, Deaf Australia, the broadcasters and the sponsors. He has been on the National Deaf Television Subcommittee of Deaf Australia for five years. Andy is a passionate believer in Deaf broadcasting and is proud to be leading SignPost into its second series and into five cities around Australia in 2007.
After eighteen years as a sign language interpreter, mentor and trainer, specialising in ethics, advocacy/politics and the media, Andy decided to retrain as a TV Producer. He was selected to study at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) in 2006. Prior to his studies, Andy worked for the BBC as an interpreter (here and in the UK), directed short films and music clips, directed Australian segments for a Deaf youth program on Channel 4 in the UK and has worked on Australian programs as diverse as Playschool, Insight and All Saints.
After graduating from AFTRS in early 2007 Andy worked a short contract with the ABC TV program The New Inventors. After a short break, he was engaged by Freehand to do some writing on a reality show for the US market. The ABC liked Andy enough the first time round and he’s now back on The New Inventors.
Andrew Wiltshire
Andrew Wiltshire
Andrew was involved with SignPost from the start when we produced our first pilot in 2005 and was also involved in National Deaf Television subcommittee of Deaf Australia since 2003.
Currently Andrew has several roles working in the SignPost crew and they include the following:
  • Producing
  • Presenter of segment stories
  • Camera work
  • Some editing
Andrew says that working with the SignPost crew producing the programs is very satisfying because everyone tries to do everything they can in a very tight time-frame delivering episodes on time and then viewing the program at the end; it reminds you of the efforts everyone has put in.
Andrew believes SignPost has a lot of potential for the future and is keen to see the goal of having Deaf TV on national television sooner than later!
Cameron Davie
Cameron Davie
Cameron Davie is a Director and Producer of award-winning educational, training, corporate, documentary and drama films and television.
This includes a large collection of videos about Deaf people in Australia, in association with his partner, Breda Carty. Perhaps the best known of these is Signs of Life (1989), the first film to accurately describe the Deaf community in Australia. Others have been screened on the BBC and Channel 4 in Britain, including his documentary, Passport Without a Country (1992), about the hearing children of deaf parents.
Cameron’s work has garnered numerous national and international awards peaking with a Churchill Fellowship (1995), which led to work with the BBC and other production companies making TV programs in sign language in Britain, Europe and the USA.
Since moving from Brisbane to Sydney in 2002, Cameron has co-produced several short drama films, including a sci-fi segment of the film collection, "POV", which was screened nationally in Hoyts Cinemas in 2003.
Cameron has a long-held dream of a seeing a national program in Auslan on Australian TV and is Producer responsible for post-production of SignPost.
Caroline Conlon
Caroline Conlon
Caroline is a director, actor, translator and presenter. She has performed overseas and many times around Australia. She has appeared on All Saints twice, as well as Channel 7 promo ads and is well known for her sign singing. Caroline has a B. Arts and has worked on many English to Auslan (Australian Sign Language) translation projects.
She loves working on Signpost because of its dynamic work, the great team and being able to disseminate information to the Australian Deaf Community. Caroline is currently the Artistic Director of Australian Theatre of the Deaf.
Todd Wright
Todd Wright
I'm a proud Deaf father of two girls, Amy and Mya, and a loving husband of Sue. These three girls are the centre of my life, and so is my Deaf identity. For this reason, I have a great passion for volunteering for the SignPost programme and the NDTV project at Deaf Australia. I have a strong desire to see the Deaf community receive greater access to information, to simulate their hunger for knowledge, and I believe SignPost is a great paving stone towards this goal.
I enjoy acting/performing very much, and have had a history as an amateur actor (trained in classes by the Australian Theatre Of The Deaf). Recently, I have started experimenting with creating short films which brought me to the NDTV project. Being involved with SignPost has allowed me to build up my skills and knowledge of TV production.
Sofya Gollan
Sofya Gollan
Sofya has worked as an award winning filmmaker for the last 10 years and her films have been screened around the world in major festivals in Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, the UK, the US and of course her home, Australia. Highlights of her filmography include:
2004 - PRESERVATION (SBSi & AFC 1 hour feature)
Nominated for 3 AFI Awards including Best Short Film and Best Screenplay. Nominated for AWG Best Screenplay. Winner of Hors Concours Award, Banff, Canada.
2000 - Dressing Dad (Short documentary)
Winner of ATOM Award, Best Short Documentary.
1998 - Not the Usual Victim (Short film)
Finalist Tropicana Film Festival. Screened worldwide.
1997 - Chlorine Dreams (Short film)
Clermont Film Fest. France, Korte Film Fest. Germany, American Film Institute, Los Angeles.
1992 - 2007 (continuing)
PLAYSCHOOL presenter.
Finalist Tropicana Film Festival. Screened worldwide.
Sofya is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Acting and holds a Masters in Directing from the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). This extensive experience flows onto her work as a script editor. Sofya is also currently financing two features, MELT, a modern fable of the perils of friendship between young women, and SET UP, an adaptation of a Peter Corris novel, a low-rent noir with deadly femme fatale at its centre.
Marcel Leneham
Marcel Leneham
Marcel is the lead translator for SignPost and coordinates the fantastic team of deaf and hearing volunteers who translate each episode from Auslan into English. Outside of SignPost Marcel is on the National Executive of the Australian Sign Language Interpreters' Association (ASLIA).
He is also a PhD candidate researching sign language translation and a casual lecturer in the Postgraduate Diploma of Auslan/English Interpreting at Macquarie University, in Sydney. Marcel is originally from Queensland, but has been living in Sydney since 1998. He has previously worked as a teacher of the deaf in Queensland and in Sydney.
Tony Clews
Tony Clews
Here's a short list of details about me.....
  • Coming from a deaf family in Sydney
  • Attended North Rocks School for the deaf and Kelston Intermediate / Boys High in New Zealand
  • My favourite drink is Moove – Iced Coffee
  • I am a huge fan of See Hear (British version of SignPost)
Being involved with Signpost is fun and hard working but a real challenging! I enjoyed every minute of it.


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