27 July 2016 AEST
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Expert Groups

Expert groups are appointed by the Board to provide advice on issues that concern Deaf Australia. An Expert is a person the Board considers to have expertise - knowledge and experience - in a specific area.

Members of Expert Groups must be Deaf Australia members (Ordinary or Associate members). Members of the Deaf Australia Board can also be members of Expert groups.

Expert groups are different from sub-committees. Expert groups do not work together on a regular basis. They are called upon by the Board when their advice is needed. Deaf Australia currently has four Expert groups.

Dr. Breda Carty
Greg Leigh
Michelle Stark
Sharron Wilson
Therese Pierce
Ann Jeavons
Linda Komesaroff
Ann Darwin
Kris Chapman
Sign Language
Robert Adam
Danielle Shaw
Anne Bremner
Dr. Adam Schembri
Dr. Trevor Johnston
Sign Language Interpreting
Robert Adam
Marianne Bridge
Chris Dunn
Rebecca Ladd
Dr. Maree Madden
Dr. Jemina Napier


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